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2 Fences, a soakaway and a bit of a mystery!

2 Fences, a soakaway and a bit of a mystery!

Since lockdown started easing, we have been lucky enough to have lots of outdoor maintenance to get on with.  Our customers have been pleased that amongst other things we have been able to replace fencing in gardens which they have wanted completed for some time but we had not been able to get on with because of lockdown.

One of the fences that we needed to replace had been damaged and had blown down. We went to remove the old fence and bring it away but on arrival it had disappeared.  Nobody seems to know where it went.  The commercial company we were doing it for are not on the site, so they were very surprised too.  Anyway, it saved a job and we were able to get on with erecting the new one.

We do have a waste carriers’ licence so we can bring our construction waste away from site. There are very strict rules on removing rubbish and customers can come unstuck if they don’t check their contractor has a licence.

We have also been doing a new soakaway last week and installing some surface drains to prevent flooding to nearby properties.  I am sure given all the rain this weekend the neighbours are very glad we got it completed.

We have got several decorating jobs to get on with now, External decoration of windows doors and rendered walls.  If you have any similar jobs and you would like a free quote, then please ring Nick on 01603 404445 or email